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I had a lovely massage done by Emily Miller last night.  I have lots of tight kinks and tense muscles from carrying around a 8 month old baby and she was able to work them out.   Even worked out the sciatic that has been making my little toes feel a bit numb.   Thanks Emily

Alaina W

Emily helped relieve my back pain I can't wait to see her again!

Sara S

I recieved a 120 minute massage from Emily a couple days ago and am very pleased with the results. I have live with lower back pain and pain in both shoulders for over 20 years. No one seemed able to relieve it without offering back surgery and shoulder replacements. Well, I really did not want to risk that.Tried many providers over many years (most of them CMT's) and no relief lasted more that a day or two.My back feels much better, have worked out twice with weights and swam several miles since then. Still no shoulder pain. I still am shaking my head at the results.I would highly recommend Emily and will see her again

Pat O.

Treat yourself to a massage and Revive Massage Therapy. Emily is excellent. She seemed to know exactly the amount of pressure. I felt amazing after every massage and slept like a baby.

Judy S

I worked out of doors when I first went to Revive, she was deep and thorough working my muscles. It was amazing how much energy I had after! I went back more recently now that I'm in an office, and Emily adapted to how my muscles felt. I felt stress free, and I highly recommend the massages!

Daniel M

I hired Emily for new parents, and they RAVED about her. They said it was "the best gift either of [them] has ever received."

Shaudy D.

 I try to get a massage from Emily (Revive) after I go to press, with my shoulders and arms aching. She is amazing, can't give her a high enough recommendation. 

Sylvia W. M.

Hi, My name is Marilynn, I have had several deep tissue messages by Emily. Each time she has worked out some very hard knots in my neck, shoulders and especially in my upper back.she has saved me a lot of pain and I appreciate her help so much. It is worth trying her out.

Marilynn F

Emily is an outstanding therapist/healer! I am a physician and I have been suffering from multiple neck, back and shoulder injuries for several years. Emily has been treating me and my wife for almost a year and we've never felt as great as we feel now physically and emotionally! She is really unique, simply because she applies the  combination of the science and the art of healing together on top of the convenience of rendering this service at your place! She is one of a kind and I highly recommend her without any reservation!


Shahriar Sean P.

Emily is seriously impressive! She is intuitive and systematic in her approach. Her massage is rythmic and highly symmetrical. And she is a powerhouse! You would think you were her first client of the day no matter what time! Super relaxing, especially since she comes to your house.

Adri A.

She's great.   We did a couples.  Loved it.   Very professional and super relaxing!   Recommend highly.

Steve H.